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Affordable Bankruptcy Services in Jacksonville, FL

A.B.S. of Jacksonville Inc. is a non-lawyer, document preparation service that offers affordable bankruptcy services in Jacksonville, FL. We only prepare paperwork for filing in the Middle District of Florida. We are not lawyers and cannot give you legal advice or tell you which type of bankruptcy to file. You will need to do your research before you file.

You will probably want to research for the Florida Means Test to see how your income impacts your bankruptcy and the Florida Exemptions so you will know how to value your belongings and how much of your belongings and property you are allowed to keep. Call us today for more information.

Below are some helpful steps to get started.

Bankruptcy: Where to get started.

1. Bankruptcy internet sites:
- bankruptcy

2. For a free credit report, you can use:

3. You must take a credit counseling class and get your certificate of completion before you can file. You can do it online at: 


The phone number for the Jacksonville bankruptcy courts (Middle District of Florida) is: 904-301-6490 and their website is

NOTE: This is not meant to be a complete list, just some of the ones I found helpful. You may want to check out other websites or do some research at the law library or get some consultation from an attorney. Make sure your searches are Florida specific.

The bankruptcy court gives free legal consultation on the first Thursday of every month. See attached brochure.
  To Get Started:
- Fill out the bankruptcy worksheet - Click here to download it.
- You can email the completed form to
- Provide me with your bills or a credit report.
- Bring me a current paystub.
- I will need $150 to get started

Our fee is $225 for either chapter 7 with a down-payment of $150

Contact us or click here to see our location.

Bankruptcy Services

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Forms - (forms are in pdf format)
- Bankruptcy Information Packet
- Bankruptcy Means Test
- Bankruptcy Schedule C
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Please keep in mind that we are not lawyers and can not give you legal advice or representation. You will need to contact an attorney if you have any legal questions or need representation. Nothing on our site should be construed as legal advice.