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Non-Lawyer Document Preparation in Jacksonville, FL

Court Document Preparation in Jacksonville, FL

There are many different types of documents that need to be prepared by a skilled individual to ensure that everything is filled out correctly and completely. While some people will go to an attorney to get these court documents prepared, that isn’t always an option for individuals who cannot afford the expense that comes with working with a law office.

The staff at Automated Business Services of Jacksonville, Inc. understands people in this predicament. That is why they offer non-lawyer document preparation in Jacksonville, FL. This gives you an inexpensive way to file those very important documents.

Our services include:

  • DIY Divorces
  • Bankruptcy Preparation
  • Form New LLCs and Corporations
  • Court Document Preparation
  • Affordable Tax Preparation Services

Filling Out Your Documents Completely and Correctly

The bureaucracy of the government means that if any paperwork you submit isn’t filled out the way it should be, you are not going to see the results you are after. Be confident in the documents you provide by working with our non-lawyer document preparation team.

We keep your costs to a minimum as we guide you through all of the paperwork necessary to file for divorce, bankruptcy, child support modifications, custody, will preparations, and power of attorney. Our services can also be used to set up your new business as an Inc. or LLC or to help you with your personal or business tax preparation or notary needs. Reach out to us when you require assistance with:

Hammer Divorce
Money Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13)
Money Icon Tax preparation (Personal and Business)
Paper Wills
Document Power of Attorneys
Hammer Icon Modifications (i.e. Child Support or Visitation)
Gavel Paternity
Court House Formation of a New Incorporation or LLC
Document Icon Notary Service

About Our Company

For more than 30 years, our family-owned business has been offering professional, affordable, and friendly document and tax preparation services to clients throughout the First Coast. As a people-oriented business, we seek to aid you in any legal matter you are dealing with so you can work towards the goals you are after.

To request additional information about our DIY divorce filing or tax preparation services, please contact us today. As a non-lawyer document and tax preparation service, we only prepare Florida court forms.

Resource Quick Links

Forms - (forms are in pdf format)
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Divorce Long Distance Parenting
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- Divorce - Financial Affidavit
- Divorce - Non-Lawyer Disclosure
- Bankruptcy Information Form
- Bankruptcy Means Test
- Bankruptcy Schedule C
- College Credit Worksheet
- LLC Information Form
- INC Information Form
- Nonprofit Corporation
- Modification Information Form
- Paternity Information Form
- Durable Power of Attorney Form
- Medical Power of Attorney Form
- Custody Power of Attorney Form
- Tax Preparation Information Sheet
- Itemized Deductions Worksheet
- Business worksheet for the Self-employed
- Rental Property Worksheet
- Truck Driving Expense Worksheet
- Will Information Form
- Living Will Information Form
- Business Worksheet for Corporations and Partnerships

Information Links
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- Bankruptcy
- Taxes
- Wills
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- Paternity
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Divorce Pricing Divorce Information Form |   Parenting Plan Form | Divorce - Financial Affidavit | Divorce  – Non-Lawyer Disclosure | Bankruptcy Information Form | Bankruptcy Means Test | Bankruptcy Schedule C | LLC Information Form | INC Information Form

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